The Solomon Islands Water Authority is a state-owned enterprise wholly owned by the Government of Solomon Islands. It is mandated to operate as the provider of municipal water and wastewater services in Solomon Islands.

Solomon Water have adopted a prepaid water metering solution to improve revenue collection for water supply services in and around the largest city, Honiara.

They appointed CKL in 2021 to assist with the review of available alternative prepaid metering technology to assist them with the procurement process for an alternative/improved solution.

The key objective for the initiative is to minimise non-revenue water and to enhance the water supply service. A CKL team undertook an assessment of the current prepaid metering technology and offered recommendations towards an appropriate procurement strategy. This included an international expression of interest process, short-listing of acceptable suppliers, followed by a formal tender process comprising detailed specifications and a weighted attributes scoring process.

CKL has assisted with the tender and evaluation process and provided recommendations for the next stages which include a trial period and full implementation, pending donor funding approval.

It is anticipated that this project may encourage other islands in the Pacific that are faced with similar challenges to consider similar initiatives.


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