Accurately Measure And Map

We know land, inside and out, above and below. When you partner with CKL you get people who’ve known and loved surveying for generations, with access to the latest technology and equipment.

We will accurately measure and map development landscapes for title, subdivision, and construction. Your needs may be as simple as clarifying property boundaries, or as complex as tunnelling under existing structures to develop major transportation infrastructure. CKL has the people, equipment and resources to meet your needs. We save clients time and money by using drones to capture data on sites that are large and complex, or difficult or dangerous to access. We combine the data with the most advanced Structure Form Motion (SFM) photogrammetry techniques to provide working 3D models of sites.

  • Precision surveys
  • Cadastral, topographical, as-built surveying
  • 3D scanning
  • GPS surveys and drone surveys
  • 3D Survey Plans
  • Infrastructure projects including roading, tunnelling, and rail
  • Multi-dwelling, unit title, and strata developments
  • Challenging and inaccessible areas like quarries, landfills and mines
  • Monitor settlement of structures following construction, repair, or the impact of natural events
  • Resource consents
  • Amendments to titles
  • Construction and building set out
  • Licenced Cadastral Surveyors
  • Expert Witness
Land Surveyor surveying the area


We are at the forefront of the industry, incorporating sustainable design and engineering strategies into big or small land development projects. We help create environments and build new communities where people love to live.


CKL is a fully integrated consultancy providing land development solutions for clients across New Zealand and the Pacific. With offices in Auckland, Hamilton, Te Awamutu, and Tauranga, our team of planners, surveyors and engineers ensure you always have the best advice and outstanding results.


CKL has earned a reputation for innovative engineering design, delivering to a high standard and demonstrating a commitment to quality. Our continued success comes from the strength of our relationships with clients and partners. We listen to your ideas, understand your needs, and create a shared vision.

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CKL can guide you through every step of the development process and our detailed local and regional knowledge of land and resource management regulations and District Plans, ensures you always have the best advice. Contact us now to discuss your development.


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