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CKL has over 30 years’ experience helping homeowners subdivide their property. We have an extensive in-house team including surveyors, planners, engineers, and environmental teams that can ensure your project is completed to a high standard and council compliant. Contact Us today to see if your property can be subdivided and how we can help.


Subdividing a Property Has Many Stages

At CKL, we can manage the stages from start to finish. We understand the need to ensure it makes sense for you financially, council requirements are met, and important legislation such as the resource management act needs to be followed.

Don’t delay now. Request a FREE consultation below for us to do a feasibility assessment and ensure your project can be done within budget and within council requirements.


Case Studies

Upland Rd, Remuera, Auckland

Upland Rd, Remuera, Auckland

This residential development project was a joint land use and subdivision of a 695m2 site in the Mixed Housing Suburban zone in the central Auckland suburb of Remuera. Largely in line with the Auckland Unitary Plan and making the most of the available land, the site was subdivided around three new well designed dwellings.

Key Details

Hibiscus Coast, Orewa

Hibiscus Coast, Orewa

CKL coordinated with the project team to successfully develop this 2,700m2 parcel of Orewa beachfront land in to a high-density 22-unit residential complex, in line with the Auckland Unitary Plan. Our team provided surveying and civil engineering design services and managed the construction of the civil infrastructure and earthworks. Upon completion we also completed the Unit Title Survey to create individual titles for the development.

Key Details


Why Choose CKL?

You Want A Return

You want to know the feasibility of your property and how much you get in return. We understand local council requirements inside out and can provide a no-hassle feasibility report to ensure your project can be completed, on-time and within budget. Just request a FREE consultation below to get the ball rolling.

You Want Quality

You want a team that is experienced, professional, and can manage the project with clear communication. Our job is to make the project stress-free for you, ensuring you’re kept up to date with stages of subdividing and ensuring you are satisfied with the service we provide.

You Want Experience

Subdividing has been our bread and butter for over 30 years. We have a knowledgeable in-house team for surveying, planning, engineers, and environmental so you can rest assured you will be dealing with experts in the field.
"From my initial conversation with Alan talking about the feasibility of my land, right through to how the project was managed, CKL made it extremely easy for us. Right from the get-go we were told a projection of return and it was spot on. No hidden costs and in safe, experienced hands. Could not recommend them enough."- Derick Seward, Tauranga

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