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CKL has over 30 years’ experience helping anyone from homeowners to large councils with stormwater solutions. We have an award-winning in-house team of planners and environmental engineers that dedicate themselves to providing you with a professional plan, on-time, and on budget.
Our solutions are efficient, innovative, and focus on reducing environmental impact so you can rest assured your contributing to a sustainable future when you work with CKL.


Solutions We Provide

Stormwater Management Plans

Design & construction of stormwater management systems

Sustainable Land Development

Advice on best practices to avoid erosion, sediment control, and mitigation of environmental impact.

Resource Management

Assessment of surrounding catchment areas using swales, wetlands, and tree pits where relevant.

Ecological Assessments

Environmental monitoring of ecological resources, habitat restoration, and report on changing or current conditions.


Ensure your stormwater solution meets resource and building consents as well as environmental consent.

Flood Risk

Future proof your project by ensuring there is no flood risk.

Urban Design

Whether you need rain tanks, rain gardens, planter boxes, or another solution, CKL can ensure your urban needs are met and compliant.

At CKL, we think of the broader picture when designing stormwater management systems. We understand the long-term impact and design each solution from the ground up, ensuring they are made to last and won’t give you a headache down the track.
Request a FREE consultation below to help us understand your project needs, ensuring it can be done on-time, within budget, and to meet consent requirements.


Case Studies

Fletcher Living, Whenuapai

Fletcher Living, Whenuapai

This large-scale residential development will be delivered in 8 stages across 15 years, converting farmland to liveable urban spaces. CKL is taking this project from concept to development and building in flexibility to accommodate changes to urban planning requirements and the needs of the community. As an important catchment area, we have taken a much softer, greener approach to the engineering plan for the roading system and stormwater management. Biodetention devices, stormwater ponds and filtration trenches have all been factored into the catchment management plan and a water sensitive urban design philosophy will strongly influence the subdivision design.

Key Details

Botanic Gardens, Auckland

Botanic Gardens, Auckland

Botanic Gardens, Auckland
CKL conducted the preliminary and detailed stormwater management design for the upgrade of the Auckland Botanic Gardens car park and access ways. Close liaison with Council and operational staff at the Botanic Gardens was the key to the integration of existing and proposed stormwater treatment and management systems. The stormwater management upgrade included the treatment of runoff through a raingarden, prior to discharge to a stream. This raingarden treatment has been successful and is now showcased by both Council and environmental consultants as to ‘how a raingarden should be designed’.

Key Details


Why Choose CKL

You Want Value

You want someone that can understand your problem and provide a solution to your stormwater system needs. We understand council requirements, resource consents, and environmental impact inside out and can provide a no-hassle free consultation to ensure your project can be completed, on-time, within budget, and compliant. Just request a FREE consultation below to get the ball rolling.

You Want Quality

You want a team that is experienced, professional, and can manage the project with clear communication. Our job is to make the project stress-free for you, ensuring you are kept up to date with stages of the project and ensuring you are satisfied with the service we provide.

You Want Experience

Stormwater management systems have been
our bread and butter for over 30 years. We have
a knowledgeable in-house team for surveying, planning, and environmental engineering so you can rest assured you will be dealing with experts in the field.
"From my initial conversation with Alan talking about the feasibility of my land, right through to how the project was managed, CKL made it extremely easy for us. Right from the get-go we were told a projection of return and it was spot on. No hidden costs and in safe, experienced hands. Could not recommend them enough."- Derick Seward, Tauranga

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