Nestled on the eastern side of Brymer Rd and bordered by the Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park and Rotokauri Road, this 16ha site will soon be called home to residents of 190 lots. CKL’s planners and a team of civil, environmental and transport engineers have all provided expert advice and input to the engineering designs required to achieve resource consent for the development of this site.

The development will eventually include five internal roads and five internal right-of-ways, extending Kawariki Drive and connecting through to Brymer Road. The site has a gentle fall from West to East, resulting in a 20m vertical relief across the site. To achieve relatively level sites and gently-graded roads whilst reducing cut to off-site, CKL is planning on retaining all suitable fill material on-site (approximately 175,000m3) and using this in landscape construction. Only one retaining wall will be required.

Stormwater run-off will be treated at the source with rain gardens before reaching one of the three planned wetland catchment areas. Significant geotechnical, mapping and design work has also been conducted to assess this site for a 100-year storm event and ensure the ecological protection of this site and the neighbouring natural heritage park.

Stage 1 of this 2 stage project involves the development of 100 lots on the southern side of the site. Earthworks are set to start in early 2021 and with a winter work approval may see the completion of engineering work towards the end of the 2021/22 construction season with the aim of bringing the first 100 lots to the market mid-2022.


Key Details