7 Mar 2021

CKL has been involved in a multi-stage, 43ha land development project with Orewa Developments Limited on the former Halls Farm East (now Woodlands Rise) for a number of years, and we recently hit the halfway mark.

The project has seen CKL team members from all practice areas come together and work with our development and construction partners to deliver innovative solutions for what is a challenging site, in terms of both planning and engineering.

Team members were drawn from our planning, surveying, civil engineering, transport engineering, and environmental engineering teams. The project has been defined by innovation and collaboration, particularly with the Geotech. Planning and consents have been completed, and services, roading, and pedestrian accessways have been built.

Stage 1 was completed in the 2017/18 construction season and Stage 3 in 2019. After a detailed market assessment and redesign, Stage 2 is now underway.

We love to see earthworks underway on our land development sites. It won’t be too long before civil works take over and we see our engineering designs really take form. This 90-lot subdivision by Orewa Developments Ltd is due for completion late 2021.

Woodlands Rise, Orewa – Development UpdateWoodlands Rise, Orewa – Development Update