29 Oct 2020

The National Policy Statement for Fresh Water (NPS-FW) came into force in September 2020 which has redefined what is considered a Wetland. This definition has caused confusion and some concern in the development community as on the surface it could have significant implications on subdivision potential and other activities on sites across New Zealand.

However, here at CKL we see it a little differently, in our experience the presence of freshwater on any site identifies an area of complexity, particularly in terms of integration of civil works. Creating sites in such areas often results in marginal land which can be extremely expensive to engineer and develop. The NPS-FW adds certainty around what can and can’t be done while achieving great environmental outcomes, having this information up front will save you time and money.

If you are thinking of subdividing, want to understand the development potential of your land, or want to know if there are wetlands on your property, please get in touch. CKL has the skills and experience to provide advice and recommendations and can take the stress out of the development process for you.

Just last week members of our surveying and environmental teams were tasked to identify the extent of this wetland, which will be protected and restored following subdivision.


Wetlands and development - the two can co-exist