15 Nov 2021

A hot topic at the moment is the Three Waters Reform Programme. Many will be aware that New Zealand’s water networks are facing cost and quality difficulties, which are only expected to increase over the next decade.

In response, the Government’s proposal is to divide NZ into 4 large water ‘entities’. The proposal is not about ownership or control of the water resource, it is about supply and management of the infrastructure providing the water. The infrastructure will still be owned by the local councils as owners of the water ‘entities.’

Minimum quality and supply performance standards are being prescribed and required to be enforced by independent regulators through the Water Services legislation in Parliament now. The water will remain owned by the nation and regulated by regional councils.

Head of Planning for our Tauranga office, Mark Batchelor, has put together a summary article of what is proposed, so you can get up to speed.

Read it now

Three Waters Reform: Get Up to Speed