21 Oct 2021

We’re excited to announce that THREE of our team have achieved their Certificates of Competency for their cadastral survey licenses! Congratulations to Katie Anson, Andrew Scott and Brandon Taylor for reaching this career milestone.

It’s a mark of their professional competence, experience and technical skill, and was certainly a different experience under the current Covid-19 restrictions.

With interviews conducted over Microsoft Teams, there were worries or issues over connectivity, and Katie also contended with noisy neighbours and police pursuits being heard by the examiners. Andrew prepared his projects and studied whilst becoming a first-time father in April, adding another reason for lack of sleep.

All are now enjoying the relief that comes after intense study, with celebrations including a good night’s sleep, picnics and Uber Eats, and for Andrew, he proposed to his partner of 10 years; so another congratulations is due there!

Three CKL team members achieve cadastral survey licenses