3 Feb 2022

An innovative project CKL has enjoyed working on to fruition is a 43 lot lifestyle subdivision on Charles Edwards Street in Ohaupo, with Highview Properties.

In 2017, CKL began the design of the subdivision, incorporating a Water Sensitive Urban Design Philosophy using natural processes to manage stormwater runoff. Our team completed the initial surveys, resource consenting and civil design, through to the construction management and final sign-offs.

The development makes use of open swales for road runoff, a central naturalised green space encompassing an existing stream, an incorporated walkway up to the main road, and an open bottom arch culvert for Charles Edwards Street.

With the stormwater design, it was important to enhance the mauri of the existing streams and waterways, and the downstream environment from the land’s previous use as a farm. Given the land use downstream is farming and agriculture, there are particular requirements for flood protection.

Water Sensitive Urban Design for land development projects is being used more throughout New Zealand and the world. It means that the stormwater runoff from the development will be cleaner and better managed than a traditional stormwater design.

Construction works began in 2018-2019, and the subdivision is now complete, with houses now built on most lots and the community moving in. The planting in the green spaces is also well-established, which can be seen in the photos.

Ohaupo subdivision showcases Water Sensitive Urban Design