2 Jul 2024

Modus Community Housing is a community housing provider operating in Auckland, New Zealand. Regulated by the Community Housing Regulatory Authority, they provide safe, warm, and dry housing to mature and elderly tenants.

Modus Community Housing was designed as a way of achieving end-to-end control over the quality of the provision of social housing to allow new social housing capacity to be delivered at scale.

The organisation’s new Jellicoe Road Project in Manurewa, Auckland saw CKL play a supporting role in its successful execution. This development marks a significant transformation in an area previously untouched by such large-scale projects, aimed at addressing the housing needs of the community while overcoming numerous challenges.

A collaborative approach
The Jellicoe Road site presented a unique set of challenges. Primarily located within a floodplain, the area was susceptible to flooding, necessitating innovative solutions to manage flood risks and ensure safety. Modus Community Housing approached CKL with initial plans, seeking assistance to navigate the complex process of obtaining consent and addressing the site's inherent issues.

The proposal also had challenges regarding the residential development standards of the zoning according to the Unitary Plan. Despite these challenges, CKL ensured that the design was well-conceived and compact, enabling 36 units to be accommodated on the Mixed Housing Urban zoned site while retaining the amenity of neighbouring properties. Additionally, transforming a low-density area into a high-density housing project required careful planning and collaboration with local authorities.

CKL brought a multidisciplinary approach to the project. Their stormwater engineers devised innovative solutions to mitigate the flood risk. This included complex flood modelling and developing appropriate safe evacuation procedures to ensure safe egress during potential flood events. In the planning and consenting phase, CKL's strong council relationships made all the difference. They worked closely with the council, engaging in pre-application meetings, extensive discussions with council planners, and incorporating feedback to streamline the approval process.

CKL also addressed traffic and transport planning by ensuring the development was well-integrated with public transport options to meet the residents' needs, given the limited parking availability on-site. The integrated team approach, combining the skills of engineers, stormwater specialists, surveyors and planners, facilitated seamless collaboration and led to a well-rounded and effective project outcome. CKL's ability to balance design and density ensured that the development maintained reasonable site density while mitigating flood hazards, safeguarding people and property. This comprehensive approach ensured that all aspects of the project were meticulously planned and executed, resulting in a successful high-density housing development in a challenging location.

Innovative community building
The Jellicoe Road Project has successfully transformed a previously underutilised site into a vibrant community housing development. The project has set a precedent for future developments in flood-prone areas, showcasing CKL's expertise and commitment to delivering sustainable and resilient housing solutions.

The opening ceremony for the development took place on 14 June 2024 and was attended by Hon. Chris Bishop, Minister of Housing. This development not only provides much-needed housing but also demonstrates the potential for successful community housing initiatives in challenging environments. CKL's multidisciplinary approach, strong council relationships, and commitment to innovative solutions were key to the project's success, ensuring a positive outcome for the community and setting a new standard for future developments.

Innovative Solutions for Community Housing: The Jellicoe Road Project by Modus and CKL in Manurewa