29 Oct 2021

Last week the Government and National announced a bill that brings a new set of intensification and housing density rules for Tier 1 cities: Hamilton, Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga and Christchurch.

This uses standards very close to those used already by many cities except the permitted building height increases, and we see the removal of minimum lot sizes, daylight protection, and outlook space. In addition, consents will be fast-tracked and procedures and supporting policies will be changed.

This is intended to allow higher density development within walking distances of rapid transport routes and city centres. Implementation time is also being sped up for the NPS-UD from what was originally announced in 2020.

At CKL Planning | Surveying | Engineering | Environmental, we’ll be keeping a close eye as this legislation makes it through parliamentary process. Remember, our team have the in-depth knowledge to advise on the potential implications of any changes and can assist with submissions.

Housing density rule changes for Tier 1 cities