26 Aug 2021

In a recent announcement from Hamilton City Council, four areas of Hamilton have been marked for ‘extra attention’ in a suite of changes to be made to the Council’s District Plan.

This is in response to the Government’s requirement to build up, not just out, to manage growth and includes parts of Chartwell, Hamilton East, Five Cross Roads and north of the central city (parts of Whitiora, Frankton, Maeroa and Beerescourt). These areas were chosen due to their easy access to jobs, shops, schools and major transport routes.

For many of our clients, this could mean more development opportunities, and the need to prepare submissions and provide feedback on proposed Plan changes.

As experts on the District Plan, our team have the in-depth knowledge to advise on the potential implications of any changes and can assist with the submission process.

Map credit: Hamilton City Council.

Hamilton City Council District Plan Changes