1 Dec 2023

In the heart of picturesque Arrowtown, lies Ayrburn Farm. Since its acquisition in 2015 by development company Winton, Ayrburn Farm has undergone a remarkable transformation. Over five years, Winton has revitalised five historic farm buildings into four distinct food and beverage venues: The Woolshed, The Manure Room, The Burr Bar, and The Dairy.

This hospitality precinct, which forms stage one of the development, is set against a backdrop of gardens, cycle tracks, a vineyard, and Mill Creek, and opens on December 9th, 2023.

CKL's Environmental Stewardship: A Commitment to Water Quality

Involved since 2020, CKL has supported the development of the Ayrburn hospitality precinct with a focus on stormwater management strategy and a goal of improving the water quality, in addition to flood modelling.

The stormwater management strategy has involved a ‘treatment train’ approach that ensures stormwater runoff is honoured as it moves through the site. Mill Creek flows through the middle of the property, and before stormwater is discharged back into the creek, it is cleaned and treated so it is better quality than it was ‘pre-development’.

This treatment train approach adds resilience to the system and helps tie in with water improvement efforts undertaken for Lake Hayes, which is just downstream from Ayrburn.

At the core of CKL's contribution to Ayrburn's development is a sophisticated stormwater management strategy that seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality. The incorporation of swales and raingardens not only adds a visual appeal to the precinct but also serves as vital elements in the water management process.

These landscape outcomes extend beyond mere beauty, integrating management devices that become one with the natural environment. CKL and Winton's commitment goes further with meticulous monitoring, aiming to establish the effectiveness of sediment removal from the Mill Creek catchment wide flows.

This proactive approach ensures that not only is the stormwater managed effectively, but the impact on the surrounding ecosystem is continually assessed and optimised for the benefit of both Ayrburn and its downstream neighbour, Lake Hayes.

CKL was brought onboard because we are renowned for designing stormwater management strategies that are low-impact and honour the mana of the water. We’ve been able to enhance the stormwater quality through practical and pragmatic solutions because we want to protect Lake Hayes.

In addition to stormwater management strategies and flood mapping, CKL has also provided support with designing erosion and sediment controls.

The hospitality precinct is the first stage of the project, and there’s still more to come. The next stage will see further food and beverage venues, including the restoration of the old homestead, and a luxury later living retirement village and boutique hotel on neighbouring land.

“You don’t often get to be involved so closely with a fantastic project like this, it’s just amazing,” states Bronwyn Rhynd, Director of CKL. “I’m so proud and honoured to be part of Ayrburn and I look forward to the next stages in the development.”

CKL's Expertise in Sustainable Development Shines in Ayrburn Hospitality Precinct