22 Jan 2024

CKL is pleased to announce that Auckland Planning Manager Daniel Brown became a full member of the New Zealand Planning Institute (NZPI) late in 2023.

Becoming a member of the NZPI is a rigorous process that underscores a planner's commitment to excellence, ethical conduct, and ongoing professional development.

A Mark of Excellence in Planning
The path to NZPI membership involves a thorough assessment of a planner's experience and competency in various areas, including professionalism, critical evaluation skills, communication, understanding of planning frameworks, technical knowledge, Māori values, and ongoing commitment to the profession. The stringent requirements, including a panel interview and sponsorship from experienced NZPI members, ensure that only those who demonstrate exceptional expertise and adherence to ethical standards attain full membership.

For CKL clients, Daniel says that achieving NZPI full membership translates to assurance and trust in the planning services the company provides.

“Clients can rely on our team to navigate complex regulatory landscapes, address intricate planning challenges, and deliver sustainable and forward-thinking development solutions.”

New Year, New Opportunities
Having dedicated over five years to CKL in Auckland, Daniel has also now brought his wealth of expertise to the CKL Tauranga office. Daniel's move underscores the company's commitment to providing the highest level of integrated land development services across the country.

Daniel's move to CKL's Tauranga office, primarily composed of engineering staff catering to clients in the public sector and council, marks a strategic alignment of planning and engineering services, reinforcing CKL's integrated approach. This synergy is poised to enhance the company's capabilities, offering clients a comprehensive suite of services under one roof in Tauranga.

As Daniel takes on this new role in the CKL Tauranga office, the company looks forward to the positive impact his experience, knowledge, and NZPI full membership will bring to the planning and development landscape in the region. CKL remains at the forefront of integrated land development services, and Daniel's presence in Tauranga exemplifies the company's dedication to delivering excellence across New Zealand.

CKL Planning Manager Daniel Brown becomes a Full NZPI Member