21 Oct 2021

While the list of things in common between CKL and Stark Property is long, the one thing that tops that list has nothing to do with property. It’s relationship.

Gareth Munro, the general manager of Stark Property, describes it from their side, “Relationship is literally the most important thing for Stark Property. We have a simple ethos on how we build our team: people come first, and we want to enjoy the process with them.”

As far CKL is concerned, the feeling is mutual.

Our transportation engineering manager, Judith Makinson, has more interaction with Stark Property than anyone else on the CKL team. Judith has been in public and private sector developments for over 20 years, and she knows that the connection CKL has with Stark Property is special.

“I appreciate what our friends at Stark Property are doing. They really do think differently about things. With them, it’s not about the bottom line: what’s the cheapest way to do something, or what can we get away with? For them it’s, ‘This is what we want to bring to our city.’ We connect with them because CKL holds the same values.

“Trust is what makes the relationship work. From CKL’s side, we know that what Matt, Gareth and the team are doing is of the highest quality. We also know they have the best interests of the city in mind.”

From Stark Property’s perspective, the trust is built on character and proven competence.

“They’re good people and they have the same values and ability to drive things, to get good outcomes for us. Judith personifies this. If I give her a transportation engineering project, we talk about it, then I don’t hear from her much. I know she’s all over it, which means we can get on with our work and leave things to CKL. It’s perfect.”

This trust may be best seen when difficulties arise. The NZ Blood Service project is good example. Late into the project, the architects discovered they needed thicker basement walls, a realisation that had serious implications for CKL’s work. Judith remembers the situation.

“There was no drama, no finger pointing. We had the team culture to say, ‘Right, how do we solve this? Can you make the walls thinner? No? Okay, so what can CKL do with the car parking spaces to help?’ Then we worked together and found a solution. That’s why Matt and Gareth have chosen specific consultants; they trust us to find a way to get great outcomes.”

Trust comes from shared experience, and CKL has successfully worked with Stark Property on numerous projects together including the new Regional Council office, Hills Village, Tūāpapa, MADE of Hamilton East and the NZ Blood building.

“We have no doubt that our relationship with the people of Stark Property will continue but like any relationship, it is something that needs constant attention,” explains Judith.

Gareth feels the same, “We’ve worked with Judith for over five years and we have a strong understanding. I have no second option when it comes to transport and engineering. I trust that Judith is the person to get the job done.”

CKL and Stark Property: A Great Working RelationshipCKL and Stark Property: A Great Working Relationship