Environmental Engineering


We challenge our engineers to think outside the box when they are designing and constructing new projects. We are always mindful of how a development may impact, and be influenced by the surrounding environment. We are committed to ensuring our precious land and resources are cared for and protected for future generations to enjoy. Our goal is to create beautiful, sustainable, communities that enhance the quality of life for residents.

  • Ecological assessments
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Environmental monitoring and reporting
  • Environmental compliance and management plans
  • Project management of resource and building consents



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Case Studies

Halls Farm, Orewa

Our environmental engineers design sustainable solutions for challenging projects.

The Halls Farm subdivision challenged them to think outside of the box to create a site that would house 350 homes on 10 roads, to be released over five stages. At the heart of the steep site was a stream, and wetland vegetation, which served as an anchor for our team. They designed and engineered a sub-development solution around the wetland, creating an open space reserve for the new community.

Our team worked closely with the developers, contractors and Council to create livable spaces. The first stage, comprising 150 lots has been delivered to title and released for sale.

Fletcher Living – Whenuapai Village

CKL is working with Fletcher Living on a long-term, large-scale residential development to create new communities in Auckland’s northwest. The development will be delivered in 8 stages across 15 years, converting farmland to liveable urban spaces.

A project of this size and scale has to be flexible and adaptable to accommodate changes to urban planning requirements and the needs of the community. CKL is taking this project from concept to development.

Comprehensive site assessments have been carried out and the proposed plan for the development is firmly anchored by a water sensitive urban design philosophy. As an important catchment area, we have taken a much softer, greener approach to the engineering plan for the roading system and stormwater management. Bio detention devices, stormwater ponds and filtration trenches have all been factored into the catchment management plan and will strongly influence the subdivision design.

Auckland Botanic Gardens

CKL’s stormwater team (previously Stormwater Solutions) conducted the preliminary and detailed stormwater management design for the upgrade of the Auckland Botanic Gardens car park and access ways.

Close liaison with Council and operational staff at the Botanic Gardens was the key to the integration of existing and proposed stormwater treatment and management systems.

The main objectives of the upgrade project were to ensure interaction of the treatment facility with the receiving environment and to provide an opportunity for social learning.

The stormwater management upgrade included the treatment of runoff through a raingarden, prior to discharge to a stream. This raingarden treatment has been successful and is now showcased by both Council and environmental consultants as to ‘how a raingarden should be designed’.

Papakura-Clevedon Road, Papakura

The 91-lot subdivision of vacant land in the rapidly growing suburb of Papakura presented unique development challenges. Situated at the intersection of two main arterial roads with restricted access, the development needed to incorporate pedestrian and cycle accessways. The site was also known to experience significant flooding from upstream catchment, requiring comprehensive flood and stormwater management which included the detention of runoff water within a multipurpose recreation and stormwater reserve.

We brought together a multidisciplinary team comprising CKL planners, surveyors, ecologists, and stormwater and environmental engineers to work with the developers and Council to design a high quality urban development that was sympathetic to the surrounding rural environment.

Our team fully assessed the site and designed a plan to redirect an existing farming channel and create an internal wetland and reserve with stormwater, ecological, and recreational functions. The surrounding residential lots benefitted from the open space; creating a rural/urban interface that sits comfortably in the environment.

Addison Development

The 80ha Addison Development in Takanini has been undertaken in stages with the initial stage completed in 2003.

CKL’s stormwater team (previously Stormwater Solutions) has been involved since the project inception, providing best practice design for stormwater management in a residential development.

Expert stormwater consultants incorporated a water sensitive design (WSD) approach to stormwater management in the 14ha The Avenues stage. This WSD, or low impact solution, includes raingardens and swales for at-source treatment and management of stormwater runoff prior to discharge to the receiving environment.

Due to the site’s flat terrain and the challenges this posed for constructing efficient and cost effective solutions, detailed hydrological and hydraulic modeling was also undertaken.

Our team is currently working on the stormwater management design for the final stages of this residential development. Elements that have been included in the overall stormwater strategy include ponds, which provide visual amenity for the local community and a sense of place and purpose for Iwi. We are also working in collaboration with other consultants to create a fully integrated urban environment.