Catchment Management


Our approach to the planning, design and construction of new developments recognises and accommodates the sensitive nature of water catchment areas. Our engineering solutions incorporate strategies to effectively manage run off, sediments, and water treatment with minimal environmental impact.

  • Modelling of sewer, stormwater and high pressure networks
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Flood and flow regulations
  • Ecological assessments
  • Stormwater discharge



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Case Studies

Fletcher Living – Whenuapai Village

CKL is working with Fletcher Living on a long-term, large-scale residential development to create new communities in Auckland’s northwest. The development will be delivered in 8 stages across 15 years, converting farmland to liveable urban spaces. Currently the first two stages are built with landowners sharing the new urban environment in standalone and terrace housing.

A project of this size and scale has to be flexible and adaptable to accommodate changes to urban planning requirements and the needs of the community. CKL is taking this project from concept to development.

Comprehensive site assessments have been carried out and the proposed plan for the development is firmly anchored by a water sensitive urban design philosophy. As an important catchment area, we have taken a much softer, greener approach to the engineering plan for the roading system and stormwater management. Bio detention devices, stormwater ponds and filtration trenches have all been factored into the catchment management plan and will strongly influence the subdivision design.

Foodstuffs Pukekohe

A New World supermarket is planned for Pukekohe, and CKL has been engaged to conduct a flood risk assessment on the proposed site, drawing on our flood modeling expertise.

The site is known to receive a significant volume of water from an upstream catchment and the flood plan extends across this site. The construction of a large car park creates an impervious surface, changing the natural flow of water and necessitating a flood management plan to be set in place.

Working with the client’s design for the building and surrounding car park, our engineers were able to predict water levels and the extent of flood damage as a result of a 100-year storm event. The value of the flood modeling process enables us to validate the flood management plan in line with the Resource Management Act and the Auckland Unitary Plan.

The engineering design solution has been provided to the client and we are now working with the client on the building consent application. The flood modeling information has been presented to Council by CKL, in the capacity of flood assessment to support a resource consent and subsequent hearing of this as expert witness.