26 Jul 2015

Resource Consent has been granted for CKL's lastest project, a multi-million dollar mixed use development at Rototuna. The bold new development which has been heralded as a fresh approach for Hamilton, mixes residential apartments with retail, offices, restaurants and cafes on a prominent 1ha site on the corner of Horsham Downs and Thomas Roads.

An independent commissioner acting for Hamilton City Council issued consent to Trig Developments after a recent hearing. Traffic issues that forced the first hearing to be cancelled were resolved after Trig acquired a neighbouring property and moved the entrance to the development further east along Thomas Road.

Traffic modeling has also shown that the new centre will improve the existing traffic environment as a result of changes to the operation of the roundabout and creation of new turning bays. Surprisingly, those changes will result in a benefit even when Trig’s centre is open and when the McDonalds and Garden Centre on the opposite corner are also developed.

The decision to grant consent was welcomed by Trig who said getting to this point was a major milestone and meant they are on track to have the development completed and open for business before the end of next year. Tenant interest has been strong and Trig has said they have a focus on securing quality operators including a family friendly restaurant, a café and boutique retail outlets.

“We have put a lot of thought into how we can make this a landmark development for Rototuna. The buildings will be quite striking as they will front onto the street and have cafe and restaurants spilling out onto a north-facing alfresco dining area” said a Trig spokesperson. In contrast to the neighboring shopping centres, car parking has been purposely located behind the buildings and will be largely unseen from the street.

“We have been really encouraged by the support of the Rototuna community for this development. Locals keep telling us they want a development that has a vibrant village feel to it and that will be a neighbourhood meeting place for good coffee and good food”, the spokesperson said. Trig also believes there is demand for apartment living in Rototuna, something currently not available in the suburb.

The commissioner has asked Trig to align the new buildings and gardens so that more of the existing large trees on the site can be retained. In addition to proposed new planting and screening, at least 10 of the existing trees need to be retained including a mature London Plane tree on the front corner which will pass through the canopy above the alfresco dining area. Other conditions of consent relate to the mitigation of noise, glare and traffic effects.

“We hope that the information presented at the hearing along with the conditions imposed on the consent will satisfy concerns expressed by submitters in opposition to the proposal. We believe our development will strengthen Thomas Road as a key shopping node for Hamilton’s fastest growing suburb and help resolve existing traffic issues” said the Trig spokesperson.

CKL Contact for this project: Bevan Houlbrooke

The image presents the development planned for the corner of Rototuna's Thomas and Horsham Downs Roads.

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