Developing Residential Sections and Lifestyle Blocks

We are often asked by home owners “Can I subdivide my site to enable further development or free up some capital?"

If your home is on a larger section or if a local council has recently altered your district plan to encourage more intensive housing, then subdividing could be a good option. Subdividing will enable options to either sell a valuable section or build an additional house on your existing site.

CKL has over 30 years' experience in assisting residential and lifestyle block owners to optimise their land for subdivision and development activity.

This includes site surveys, subdivision of sections, resource consents and engineering services.

The process starts with a Feasibility Assessment which reviews development options to meet your objectives, identifies any concerns or constraints, and provides an initial cost estimate. It’s important to do this work up front so there is a clear understanding of what is achievable.

Our experienced survey, planning, engineering, and environmental teams then work together to ensure projects are completed to the correct standards and presented accurately for relevant council approvals.

You can trust us to work closely with you from the start of any project through to a successful completion, making the journey as stress free and as easy as possible.

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We regularly carry out:

  • Title searching and reviews of relevant Council records
  • Boundary location and reinstatement - this includes relocating pegs, confirming existing pegs and re-pegging boundary corners for future development or fencing requirements.
  • Cross lease reviews to clarify situations should building footprints alter in the proposed development
  • Cross lease to freehold conversion projects
  • Checks to locate any restrictive areas such as right-of-way and service easements
  • Evaluation of the property in relation to the relevant district plan to guide development potential
  • Topographical Surveys for sites as required as the basis for architectural or subdivision design
  • Subdivision consents that address the relevant issues, we have proven expertise in the planning and resource management process
  • Engineering designs for enabling access and servicing of the new development

A property development process, such as a subdivision, generally has the following stages:


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