26 Jul 2015

Since 2009, CKL has been informing rural landowners that their current subdivision entitlement is likely to reduce or even disappear.

Environment Waikato confirmed this expectation months ago, with the release of their Future Proof document.

This week Waikato District Council, who are currently reviewing their subdivision and residential development provisions have also provided public confirmation that rules are likely to become more restrictive. Tony Whittaker, General Manager, Strategy and Support stated, “Safeguarding the potential of our rural land means some tightening of the District Plan rules for subdivision and development in rural areas needs to be considered”.

CKL has held information seminars and hosted free office consultations for landowners concerned about how the rule changes could affect the value of their property. Bevan Houlbrooke, CKL Planning Manager says, “We can assist landowners to lock in their right to subdivide before the rules change. But this could be their last chance to take advantage of the current rules.”

If your future plans involve subdivision, or you think you may need that flexibility, come in and talk to us today about how the changes could affect you.