26 Jul 2015

Notified changes to Waikato District plan spell out considerable restrictions on subdivision for landowners. Waikato District Council has now notified a variation to their District Plan outlining plans for managing future development in rural and coastal areas.

Variation 16 to the proposed Waikato District Plan seeks to tighten many of the rural subdivision and development rules in response to the expected doubling of the district's population over the next 50 years.

The variation will see a shift in policy with a much greater focus on ensuring that growth occurs in existing towns, villages, and defined country living areas. The outcome is that rural and coastal zones will be safeguarded for more productive rural activities.

Refer to the attached pdf for further information, and a summary of the key changes to Waikato District subdivision rules.

For further information, please contact Bevan Houlbrooke, Planning Manager on (07) 849 9921.

Link: Rural Subdivision Update Flyer