26 Jul 2015

Rural subdivision - a thing of the past? Residents of the Waikato, Matamata and Waipa regions may have recently received a CKL mailer warning of Councils' likely intentions to restrict rural subdivision rights.

Environment Waikato has now notified its Regional Policy Statement, which confirms CKL's expectations regarding the likely restrictions (see link to EW below for further information).

In summary, the policy areas which will most impact CKL's rural clients are:
- Greater protection of high quality soils;
- Greater protection of the productive quality of rural land;
- The concentration of growth around existing towns and villages.

Landowners can protect their subdivision rights by securing a Resource Consent BEFORE the rules change.

If you think this might affect you, please contact:
Bevan Houlbrooke, Planning Manager, Hamilton (07) 849 9921
David Latham, Planning Manager, Te Awamutu (07) 871 6144