26 Jul 2015

Errol Balks, CKL Director and Registered Professional Surveyor, saw in this Christmas and New Year on the ice literally - in the Antarctic.

Errol accompanied his wife, soil scientist Dr. Megan Balks, on a field work trip to the Antarctic, to assist with a research programme investigating soil surface recovery rates following human impacts on the environment.

Currently there are over 30,000 tourists visiting Antarctica each summer, with visitor numbers rising. The results of the study will be important in working toward the preservation of the pristine and largely untouched continent.

Antarctica is a unique environment, where any disturbances may remain for many years.

Errol also did a survey of ground levels in the same horizontal position they were measured in a survey he performed ten years earlier. The results of the survey will help to better understand ground surface subsidence as a result of permafrost melt out following ground surface disturbance.

The photo shows Errol Balks performing a ground level survey in the Antarctic.