26 Jul 2015

Auckland's upcoming Unitary Plan will replace many of the previous documents and policies held by the former Auckland local authorities.
The Auckland Unitary Plan will replace all resource management documents, District and Regional Plans and Regional Policy Statements, of the former Auckland local authorities. It will become a single rule book for what you can do on the land and how we use and protect the natural and physical resources of the region. As such, it will determine the need for resource consents, and will set out rules and standards to be complied with when developing or subdividing land, or changing the use of land.

The Unitary Plan will be a key tool in implementing the Auckland Plan which was adopted in by Auckland Council in March 2012 and sets out a high level strategy for Auckland's future over the next 30 years.

A discussion document of the draft Unitary Plan will be released for public consultation in March 2013. This provides an opportunity to provide upfront, informal feedback on the proposed provisions, prior to the draft Plan being officially notified under the Resource Management Act later this year.

If you would like to discuss how the Unitary Plan may affect your property and development plans, or would like assistance with making a submission, please contact our Auckland Planning team on 09 524 7029, or email michele.schitko@ckl.co.nz.