Environmental engineering solutions for all stormwater management projects including erosion and sediment control, flood and flow regulation, ecological assessment and stormwater discharge.

CKL is now able to offer a dedicated and specialist team of engineers and technical support staff who are focused on providing environmental and ecological solutions for all manner of stormwater projects.

The merger of Stormwater Solutions Consulting Limited with CKL in May 2015 expanded our professional offering and enables us to provide clients with fully integrated solutions for complex and multidisciplinary engineering projects.

CKL’s stormwater solutions experts, led by Bronwyn Rhynd, are passionate about improving our environment and the quality of New Zealand’s lakes, streams, and coastline. Their focus is to deliver innovative stormwater solutions that are highly effective, sustainable, and result in minimal environmental impact.

The team has extensive experience working with local councils and regional development authorities and understands the various rules and regulations relating to stormwater runoff. The team is able to produce and project manage resource and building consents that are fully compliant with local regulations.

Bronwyn and her team are as comfortable working with small-scale developers on residential properties as they are working with multiple consultants and partners on flood risk assessments and the design of stormwater management systems for major commercial developments.

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