Waterview Connection Tunnel


New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has described the Waterview Connection project as its “largest, most challenging and most expensive project to date”.

With a construction cost of NZ$1.4b, the Waterview Connection will integrate an extra 4.8km of six lane motorway through and beneath Auckland’s western suburbs, linking State Highways 16 and 20 to complete a motorway ring-route around the city.

The Waterview Connection comprises 2.5km of tunnel, which allows NZTA to limit the impact of construction and traffic on the surrounding environment.

To legalalise ownership of the tunnel land, NZTA approached CKL to create a legalisation strata survey plan, facilitating the acquisition of land and the transfer of ownership to NZTA.

CKL has extensive experience with the survey of three dimensional titles, which differ significantly from standard survey plans.

CKL created a 3D plan, which established land parcels below the surface of the earth through which the tunnel would be constructed.

This data was submitted into Landonline, Land Information NZ’s online register, which holds all of New Zealand’s cadastral information. The survey plan was the largest ever plan to be submitted to Land Information NZ.

CKL’s innovative approach to this project was rewarded by successful project delivery.

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