CKL is proud to have contributed to the development of Waikato’s newest sports and leisure facility. Avantidrome is a world-class facility, centered around the purpose built 250m wooden cycling velodrome.

CKL was subcontracted by Livingstone Builders to conduct the precision set out of all elements of the build. Key aspects of CKL’s set out included the precise positioning of the bolt pads securing the huge roof support towers, and the positioning of the concrete track support formworks. The positoning of these formworks was absolutely critical as the curved cycle track was constructed overseas and needed to be “clipped together” on site. There was zero tolerance for error.

CKL also provided planning and surveying services relating to the granting of, and compliance with, Resource Consent, including easement surveys for both access and sewage disposal. This ensured the Avantidrome sat within its own certificate of title.

With comprehensive health & safety measures in place for construction work sites, CKL worked alongside Livingstone Builders to complete the build without incident.

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