Rudolph Steiner School, Titirangi - Stormwater Management


An stormwater management and wastewater assessment was conducted on the site of the Rudolph Steiner School in preparation for future development.

Environmental engineers assessed the existing stormwater system, which included a pond for both treatment and attenuation of flow prior to discharge to the receiving environment. This pond had a large contributing catchment area and was part of the overland flow path network. It was necessary to build a hydrological and hydraulic model for flood assessment purposes to ensure the fully developed catchment could be adequately catered for without detrimental effect to the pond, stormwater system and flow paths through the site. A check on the wastewater system capacity was also undertaken.

The information gathered from this assessment was used to set finished floor levels for future buildings and classrooms as well aligning the development vision with the current stormwater and wastewater infrastructure constraints.

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