Transfer Development Right (TDR) Titles


Waipa District Council strictly controls subdivisions, particularly with respect to land that is designated to be ‘sensitive’; within a significant natural landscape area, fronting a State Highway or primary road, or has high-class soils.

In these circumstances, Council has moved to protect sensitive land by allowing the landowner to transfer their “right to subdivide” to another property within the District.
The District Plan sets out the criteria for the recipient property (as well as the donor property), which of course cannot also be within a sensitive location.

The CKL team in Te Awamutu has significant experience managing subdivisions under Waipa District Council’s Transfer Development Right (TDR) title rules and is able to apply this knowledge to the benefit of our clients.

CKL maintains a register of people who have TDR entitlements for sale and can facilitate a sale to clients who may have no current avenue to do this under the District Plan rural subdivision rules.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of TDR subdivision, please contact Hamish Ross in our Te Awamutu office on 07 871 6144 or email

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