Water Impact Assessment


Water Impact Assessment (WIA) is a new requirement introduced under Hamilton City Council’s Proposed District Plan. This new provision has been introduced to “focus on issues relating to declining water quality and the increasing complexity of managing and allocating water, wastewater collection and treatment, and stormwater management (i.e. Three Waters Management)”.
WIAs ensure that an integrated approach to the three waters is established for any development that exceeds the established thresholds. These assessments should be undertaken early in the Resource Consent process to allow appropriate design solutions to be incorporated into a development proposal. Water efficiencies can be achieved by employing water sensitive practices throughout a project. This in turn allows for sustainable management of City infrastructure.

CKL has extensive experience with infrastructure development and the merger between CKL and Stormwater Solutions has expanded our stormwater and environmental engineering expertise. CKL is proud to provide you with the best possible team to conduct a WIA for any scale of project, and is confident that we will deliver outstanding results for your project. Provide link to ALL projects or projects listed under other areas of expertise

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