Infrastructure Assessments


As part of deciding on the overall feasibility of development projects, an assessment of infrastructure is required. It is important to confirm that the property and existing services allow for the planned development so qualiyy decisions can be made and unnecessary costs can be avoided. Infrastructure Assessments involve assessing any or all of the following:

  • Site access
  • Geotechnical suitability
  • Potential soil contamination issues
  • Existing water supply
  • Existing waste water reticulation
  • Existing storm water system

On many projects, CKL has been able to quickly and effectively confirm for our clients that the property and existing services can serve their planned development.

At an early stage of one particular project, CKL examined previous site information, reviewed Council data, completed site investigations, and liaised with Council to obtain specific service information. We identified significant limitations:
  • The existing water supply was insufficient to meet fire fighting requirements;
  • The existing waste water reticulation was in poor condition and had insufficient capacity for the planned development; and
  • Stormwater disposal would require an innovative low impact design so as not to adversely affect the existing stormwater receiving environment.

These limitations could have potentially ended the project. CKL devised a number of possible solutions to each of the challenges and the client was able to assess the feasibility based on a more accurate estimate of the development costs – all prior to committing significant costs to the project.

On another project, CKL was able to identify potential geotechnical issues, which allowed the client to seek specialist geotechnical input. This input then advised some relatively minor changes to the proposal which in turn saved the client significant cost.

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